Το Ellion Gastronomie Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from Vasiliades-Vlahavas family’s privately owned olive groves, located on the gentle hills of the community of Vrastamas in the Northen part of Chalkidiki. The distinct microclimate of the area and the 450m altitude facilitate to the production of high quality extra virgin oil.

The finnest cultivation of the olive trees as well as the meticulous harvest and its production, for all stages starting from the farming process, its bottling and finally its storage, add to the miracle of nature and contribute to the production of an extra virgin oil with unique organoleptic characteristics.

What makes the Ellion Gastronomie Extra Virgin Olive Oil exquisite is the fact that comes from the natural juices of two unique varieties of olive trees; the variety of “galano” with a strictly cultivation of the trees in the area of Vrastama-Metagitsi and the variety of “Chalkidiki’s hondroelia ”. The very strong advantage of the pre-mentioned varieties, is that these trees contain high concetration of phenolic substances which in turn, are rich in antioxidant properties and the preservation of the unique organoleptic characteristics, for a long period of time.

Ellion Gastronomie, is a high quality extra virgin oil, with an intense and clear fruitiness flavor which reminds aromas of grassy notes of green tea, artichoke, green olive and almond. The vivid presence of bitter and spicy aromas, is added to its sharp flavor, emphasising its tasty personality.

The Ellion Gastronomie Εxtra Virgin Olive Oil, can be ideally used for dressings in juicy roasted red meats or fatty fishes (like solomon, swordfish e.t.c). Also can accompany carpaccio and seafood, sashimi, velvet soups (like sweet pumpkin) or mashed legumes etc. Dare trying it with “kaimaki” ice cream or peanut and indulge your self to a new gastronomic experience.